Smart Residence Features A Flower-Shaped Floor Plan

The W.I.N.D. House is located in North Holland, The Netherlands. It’s a private residence designed by UNStudio, an architecture practice founded in 1988. Its full name is United Network Studio and it’s designed to reflect the collaborative nature of the practice which uses multinational teams of all-round specialists.

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A total of 528 square meters of living space are organized on two main stories which are staggered to create a total of four internal floor levels. The house has a flexible floor plan. The four facades and curved inwards and the result is actually a flower-shaped floor plan. This feature in combination with the presence of a transitional garden and the overall design of the building suggest that everything was planned to draw the landscape in.

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The entrance level accommodates basement spaces and the carport. The first floor contains the kids’ room and the music room towards the back. The nearby wooded area provides privacy for these areas.

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The living area, the kitchen and the dining room are situated on the first floor towards the front from where the panoramic views can be admired. The spaces are sheltered by exterior terraces.

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A matching set of furniture formed of the Evergreen sofa and the Evergreen daybed occupy most of the space in the living area. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls complement the space with magnificent views.

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The open kitchen and the dining area are also exposed to the views. Stylish Flow Slim chairs are arranged around the dining table, offering this space a sculptural look which is also emphasized through other design elements.

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Because the facades curve inwards and form petal-shaped wings, the layout is quite unique. This detail influenced the interior décor and certain pieces of furniture were specifically chosen because they reflect the original design. For example, the Seven table used for the dining space has a very expressive design.

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On the second floor is the master bedroom, a hamam which is a traditional Turkish bathroom and a guest room. These too are situated towards the rear of the house for increased privacy. The side walls of the house are closed for added privacy from the neighboring buildings. The roof terrace covers both the private and the social wings.

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A central staircase with steel framework made up of suspended horizontal treads with no risers forms the circulation core of the house, connecting the front and the back wings and well as all the floors.

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Apart from being a masterpiece and featuring an innovative and out-of-the-box design, the W.I.N.D House is also a smart home with a sustainable design. A central touch screen in the living area controls the lighting and the appliances and additional digital devices allow the owners dedicated control for each room.

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Solar panels are installed on the roof and the residence features a central air/ water heat pump and mechanical ventilation. Tinted glass is used for the front and back facades and, although it allow the light to get in, it also offers increased privacy and reduced the heat inside the house.

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Wind house floor plan2View in gallery

Wind house floor plan2View in gallery

Wind house floor plan2View in gallery