Flower pot pendant lamp

Designed by Enzo Berti this pendant lamp puts together two essential features that you would never have thought could coexist. It’s a pendant so it provides lighting, but it’s also a flower pot, or it incorporates one. It’ s combination between nature and technology.

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Because it makes use of LED lights, it’s not harmful to plants and it also uses less energy. The Eden flower pot has a very artistic design that would truly spice up the interior design of any room in the house. The combination of white and red it’s a very successful one. And once you add the green of the plant it looks even better. Red and green are complementary colors so the color choice was very ingenious.

The pendant would be a very good choice for a living room. It will add some color and fun, being functional in the same time. You could also include it in the bedroom or even in the kitchen, although I wouldn’t choose the last option because of all the steam and other things that occur in there while you’re cooking dinner.