Flower Fiore ottoman by Anconas

This is probably one of the best designs for children. The Fiore ottomans from Anconas are very attractive, not to mention bold and comfortable. The most interesting thing about this collection is that the pieces can be put together to form a flower. That’s also why the bright colors. It’s one of the best designs when it comes to child-sage furniture.

Children modular seating ottomans fiore arconas 1

The pieces have round corners and very soft lines with no sharp edges. This seems very natural because of the design. The collection is composed of a raised cylindrical center module and five additional ottomans that share the same shape and that symbolize the petals of the flower. It’s a very fun creation. It’s actually so fun and beautiful that even grown ups like it.However, it would look better in the children’s room. It’s great for interactive activities. It allows them to interact with each other while sitting close together.

This incredibly fun collection is also very versatile as it can be included in the children’s room so that they have a place to play with their friends, but also in the playroom, even in the classroom. Each seating module can be custom covered in any type of fabric, vinyl or leather. This means you can choose your own favorite color or even choose multiple colors so that each module looks different.