Flos Gatto Table Lamp

When you enter a dark room you need light to see what you do there and you turn on the lamp. This is what lamps do: provide the necessary amount of light when we need it. But sometimes we only need a bit of light, for example when we want to have a romantic evening indoors or when we have the children sleeping around and don’t want to wake them up, but still want to be able to see something. This is when we need diffuse light, which is a dim light that does not disturb the eyes. Flos Gatto Table Lamp is perfect for this mission. It has a very interesting design and some remarkable features.

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The lamps belongs to Flos – a famous brand which manufactured it in the past and started making it again because of the demand. The designer – Achille Castiglioni and his brother created it some time in the 1960 thought it would be a good idea to make it spread diffused light , so he sprayed the white powder coated internal steel structure  with a unique “cocoon” resin. This gives the lamp its sprayed on finish and the warm light. This lamp is available in two sizes and will look great on your table. It is now available for € 334.28.