Florilege Ceramic Tiles by Novoceram

Ceramic tiles come in a huge array of colors and textures that will open up your decorating options. They are designed to give you long-term performance with very little maintenance. The Florilege ceramic tile by Novoceram looks awesome on the wall. These chic tiles are inspired by traditional Chinese 18th century hand-painted wallpaper and romantic palette. With these ceramic tiles you can create a fabulous living room, dining room or bedroom design because they come in four different tile components: Terre, Ciel, Cage and Paon which can be combined.

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They are a very resilient material and, unlike the ones used for the bathrooms, they can be used in any room of the house. And because of the huge variety of colors and patterns, you can create a very personalized and interesting design. You can turn your house in a huge art project. You can choose different colors and patterns to create a really interesting design. Combine them for an even more personalized design.

These beautiful ceramic tiles, inspired from traditional Chinese art, will allow you to turn your home into a very stylish place. They are chic and relatively easy to install. Plus they are very easy to clean. Chic and functional in the same time.