Florentine Bed

Beds nowadays are mainly made of compact wood, that is not even real wood cut from the trees in the forest but it is obtained after a long processing process. These beds are totally functional and nice-looking, very modern and very easy to match with the other pieces of furniture in your home and even with the colour of the carpet or of the drapes if you want to. They are not so long-lasting, but they serve their purpose. If you take a moment and think about the old beds you can remember from the books or old movies you certainly remember that most beds had an iron framework. They were meant to be resistant and durable in time. Besides, the material allowed those manufacturing beds to add all sorts of accessories and an intricate design of flower patterns and other embellishments. But these beds are not dead yet, as many people still prefer them. Let’s take this Florentine Bed for example.

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This bed is entirely hand forged and is available in king or queen size, with or without the footboard. The bed looks great and it does remind you of another time and era, but it looks amazing. It has all these twists and turns made of iron and all hand made and they all make it look wonderful. The delicate legs are strong enough to support the weight, but also to confer it a special look. The iron is painted in black and the price starts from 1,999, depending on size.