Floral Spring “Oranienbaum” Bed Linens

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Officially it is declared the beginning of spring, the season when nature comes to life again. I was walking with my family and I was so happy to see so many people on the streets who were buying all sorts of flowers and March so that they could give their beloved. The offer was generous and you could choose any kind of flowers and March you want. Besides the traditional flowers of spring, the delicate snowdrops or the perfumed hyacinths you could also see some other species. Their appearance could make you think of some warmer and sunny days of spring and forget about the cold winter.

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The appearance of “Oranienbaum” Bed Linens could also make you think of a joyful and warm atmosphere. It is a cotton sateen bedding that comes from Designers Guild with printed roses and daisies in grey and white with touches of lime on a rose- pink background. The warm and joyful nuances will transform your bedroom into a garden full of roses and daisies which will bring you a peaceful and happy ambiance.Oranienbaum” Bed Linens is a comfortable set too which consists of hand quilted coverlets and matching European shams made of silk.

If you are interested you need to know that for a price between $45 and $580 this lovely floral Oranienbaum” Bed Linens can be yours. You can feel the touch of these delicate flowers the moment you decide to take a nice nap or you can even imagine yourself in the middle of a perfumed garden while you take a walk and admire these flowers.