Floating Garden With A Metallic Feeling by Gabriella Asztalos

Indoor plants are a major component from our household. They bring a fresh note to every interior and plants produce oxygen consuming CO2, therefore they also clean our air. If plants don’t fit anywhere in your décor, if you don’t have window sills or simply you’re out of space on the floor you can choose this idea to have plants inside. We talked about planters that can be hanged by the ceiling in an earlier post; but that was about DIY planters and temporary solutions , these planters were brought to another level of design and functionality.

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Gabriella Asztalos imagined a floating garden with a metallic feel. This modern collection consists of metallic recipients that make plants appear as if they are floating through the air filling up the spaces that are usually left untouched. In this unique way it is possible to create a 3D effect in any interior setting. I would personally see them in a modern kitchen , side by side with shiny appliances and clean white surfaces.

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The recipients are hanged by the ceiling with a metallic string to make sure that the planters can hold the plant’s weight, the dirt as well as the planter’s own mass. They come in slightly different shapes and sizes especially designed to create a very cool effect in the room, as well because plants are different and need more of less space to grow. These are a nice touch in any household and a add a modern feel to each room they are placed in.