Floating eco-homes in the Netherlands

The unusual changes that have happened lately in the climate all over the world have also produced fluctuations of the sea level in the countries that are on the ocean or sea shore. Netherlands has always had problems with the sea waters invading its territory and now this is more serious than ever. This country is well-known for the land it has saved from the ocean by building dams. Well, there are a lot of buildings that are situated on the sea shore or on the banks of a river and many of them are in danger of being flooded. So some imaginative guy called Gouden Kust designed the “floating eco-homes”.

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These are actually some houses that are designed to float if the water invades their premises and be perfectly comfortable homes like this. They are built on some poles and this allows them to guide the water underneath and float. Even the electrical connections, the phone and the plumbing are designed to be prepared for this possibility, as they come through flexible and floatable tubes and cables.

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I think this is a brilliant idea and in case the water level raises up to be a danger, your house will simply “float” and not be flooded as it would normally be. It is also eco-home because it is mainly made of wood, so pretty cheap and also “green”, as it does not pollute the environment , being a building material that is close to nature.

If you are really interested and know how to read Dutch, then you will find out more information on the architect’s personal web site.

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