Flexible and Multifunctional NINO Office System

Everyday I try to clean and arrange my desk so that the number of things I have on it can be reduced to minimum. Unfortunately my effort is in vain as the multitude of objects does not seem to disappear so that my desk is always busy with all sorts of things. As it is common working area with my husband and a place where our little daughter’s things appear on it, this situation becomes explainable in a way. Perhaps a flexible and multifunctional NINO Office System would be a solution to my problem.

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NINO Office System is a piece of furniture which consists of a stand that can support satellite objects which can be assembled easily. It represents Arianna De Luca’s project which encourages dynamic work, working in group and flexibility. It can be used as a hanger for things like an umbrella, a bag or a support for a laptop, a cup of coffee, a glass or a book.

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This multifunctional office system represents a way to save money for the companies which invest a lot of money in working stations that are used only a few hours a day. It is also a modern variant to the classic office desk which are full of files, books, different office accessories or computers and do not let you have a mobile position or collaborate with your mates in a comfortable and easy way. If you become interested in such a great office system you will be lucky to see it in an exhibition at New Designers 2012 at Design Business Centre in London.