A Flexible Housing Concept That Adapts To Its Owner And Location

Casa Invisible is a flexible housing unit designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Archtiects. The project was developed in 2013 and explores the architects’ concern for the interaction between buildings and their surroundings, attempting to offer a new solution for those that seek innovative housing concepts.

Casa Invisible concept mirrored facadesView in gallery

This is a 50 sqm prefabricated wood structure that offers a series of advantages that make it stand out from other similar options. First of all, the unit is easy to assemble and to take apart. It’s also easy to transport and this allows it to change location and to basically be placed just about anywhere as long as the site allows it.

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Also, the client can customize the project in a variety of ways. Both the facade and the interior design can be determined by the client by choosing from a number of options listed in a catalog. This allows the client to opt for a lot of different looks, including the one featured here.

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This particular house has mirrored facades that allow it to reflect its surroundings and to disappear into the landscape. The tailored design and flexible pricing make Casa Invisible an attractive housing solution.

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The studio that came up with the concept believes that an optimum communication between architect and client can offer results that neither ignore the client’s requirements nor dilute the architect’s vision. This is also something that defines this particular project.

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The interior of the house is an open space divided into sections by a two-sided fireplace. Each are has a different function as well as a distinct interior design. The house includes a compact kitchen, a cozy living area, a dining space and, of course, a night zone. The interior design can be customized by the client and the options offered are specifically adapted for this type of space.

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The living area is small but the fact it overlooks the outdoors and the surroundings allows it to feel airy and closer to the views. Minimal furniture offers all the basic functions needed in such a space. The dining area is an extension of the kitchen and, in this case, separates it from the living are. The minimal but eye-catching pendant lamps offer it the spark it needs and gives it a lot of character.

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Casa Invisible concept dining areaView in gallery

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