Flexible Chuck – an adaptable shelving concept

These days, interior design is all about flexibility and adaptability. We look for ingenious and smart designs that focus on functionality but we also keep an eye out for those that are eye-catching and innovative on a more aesthetical level. If we’re lucky, we find stuff like this.Chuck is a new shelving concept developed by German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn. The big innovation here is the flexibility of the shelves.

Wooden flexible bookshelf

The unit is made from six 4 mm thick planks of wood. When they’re in their original state, the planks are just nicely lined up and form a pile. They are attached to a mechanism at their ends that allows them to change their position and shape freely. As a result, you can place books, decorations and all sorts of other objects on these shelves and they will change their shape to accommodate them.

Wooden flexible bookshelf1

Wooden flexible bookshelf2

Wooden flexible bookshelf3

Wooden flexible bookshelf4

The concept is very interesting. The shelving unit impresses with the fact that it’s so simple and based on a basic mechanism as well as with its organic shape. It’s something that you could use in the living room in order to create a chic focal point but also in the bedroom or in your home office, to give the space a more dynamic and unusual look. In this case, the items you display on the shelves will become less interesting than the shelves themselves. It’s a nice idea to store small collections of books here and to play with shapes and combinations.