Flexible and futuristic apartment on Sullivan Street

Planning a futuristic apartment can be difficult, especially when there are already so many things that can influence you. The idea is to think outside the box and it’s hard to do that while you’re still inside it. This apartment is supposed to be the house of the future. It covers an area of 420 square feet and it has indeed many elements that make it unique and inspiring.

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The apartment features movable walls that allow it to have a flexible internal structure. This means that the apartment can be easily transformed. One room could become six and vice versa. The apartment on Sullivan Street is already very impressive and there are many other elements that deserve to be analyzed. Since the internal structure is flexible and so easy to morph, the furniture inside it is also convertible. The apartment resembles a laboratory, given its flexibility and convertibility.

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Not only that the apartment is very impressive but it’s also sustainable. It’s because its owner, Mr. Hill., the founder of TreeHugger, is very interested in protecting the environment. This apartment reflects his modern vision of sustainable design. This place is like a getaway and a permanent home at the same time. The apartment can be anything tis owners wants it to be and it’s all because of the ability to think out of the box and the visionary spirit that came up with this design and everything inside it.{found on nytimes}.