Fletcher Vaughan’s Stratospheric sculpture

New Zeeland is where this beautiful and unusual sculpture can be found. It’s calls Stratospheric and it was created by New Zeeland designer Fletcher Vaughan’s for the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail in Matakana. This unusual and gravity-defying structure is a very modern and elegant art piece.

Stratospheric by Fletcher VaughanView in gallery

The sculpture is composed of 4 orb. Each orb is further composed of layers or strata of opaque, white Corian. Corian is a type of handmade marble mostly used for industrial products and a material that the designer is frequently using in its creations. The sculpture is very artistic and beautiful. It has a clean design with beautiful lines and a structure that defies gravity. Also, there’s an unexpected detail that can be admired during the night. When the sun goes down, the luminous orbs are lit up creating a charming image.

Stratospheric Cnstruction by Fletcher VaughanView in gallery

Each sphere contains LED lighting that when switched on completely change the look of this sculpture making it even more interesting and impressive. As you can imagine, building this structure was not at all easy. It required a lot of time and precision in order to make it look so neat and beautiful. But it was all worthed at the end.Of course, the sculpture is most impressive at night when it lights up. Multiple colors and color combinations are available, creating contrasting and artistic images.