Flat Flowers for Decorating Your Windows

All the women in this world love flowers because they are colourful and pretty and if you have some flowers in your home it looks like the whole atmosphere has already changed. And since there is at least one woman in every house, you will certainly see flowers around the house every now and then. But natural flowers fade away and the flowers in the pot are not always in bloom. So the Dutch designer Suseela Gorter thought of a trick to let you always have beautiful flowers in your home. She designed some special stickers for your window that are shaped like vases with colourful flowers in.

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If you apply these stickers called “Flat flowers” to your window,  they will look great both from outside, but also on the inside. And because they do not use adhesive, but are made of a static material, you can peel them off and re-apply them somewhere else. And if you are not convinced yet, just take a look at these pictures and you will see just how nice these flat flowers are and how merry is the room where they are used. Oh, you can have each item for $15 and you can choose your favourite design here.