The flashy Dodo Flagship Store by Paola Navone

The Dodo Flagship Store is located in London and it’s definitely one of the most eye-catching and unusual boutique shops in the city and probably all over the world. This is not the type of simple space that impresses with its minimalist and subtle elegance. It’s rather the type that hits you straight on with lots of colors and flashy textures.

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The most eye-catching elements in the store would have to be the ceilings and the walls. Instead of being covered with colorful paint or wallpaper, they feature extremely bright and glitzy textures further enhanced with the numerous lights. The style here is very unique and unusual. The design is evry daring and it’s the type that you either love and are impressed by or hate and have nothing good to say about. Nevertheless, the store expressed perfectly the company’s philosophy that places it in between hip and irony.

The Dodo Flagship Store was designed by Paola Navone and it’s the largest boutique in the world. It stretches across three floors of retail space and, in addition, it also includes three floors of offices for internal use. The store is situated on the west side of Sloane Square. The building’s façade was preserved but got some improvement, making the store very hard to miss. So if you’re not scared of bright colors you should at least take a look inside. It could be a unique experience.