Five Wall Design Trends To Master

When it comes to walls, don’t be afraid to try something a little different to create more interesting walls. Here are some wall paint and design trends that are heating up the décor world. Do try these at home!

Splash it!

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Let Paint Be Messy

Forget painting with rollers – sometimes it can be fun and creative to splatter paint, for instance across a white ceiling. This creates an artistic effect with no fuss.

Go Graphic.

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Graffiti can be Artistic

When you think of graffiti, chances are you imagine those public walls emblazoned in bright colors and scribbles. But home walls can also display graffiti and make it look chic! It’s perfect for a creative person’s living space.

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Graffiti Art in Smaller Portions

You can even choose graffiti paintings that do not envelope the entire wall but still create eye-catching art. The main idea is to use bright colors and powerful images for maximum effect.

Wall Stencils.

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DIY Trick: Overhaul a Wall with Stencils

Using stencils to design patterns on the wall is an easy way to update your walls. Best of all, you don’t have to do the entire room. Just focus on one accent wall and bring it to life.

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Use a Design that Matches the Room

Stencils have become very trendy and elegant, so don’t be afraid to add them to a more formal room. Just make sure the design matches the kind of décor you already have. So, if you have a colorful and eclectic style, keep the stencils to a minimum; on the other hand, a Victorian pattern could work wonderfully in a room that is focused on elegance.

Accent Walls.

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One Wall, Entirely Different Room

Accent walls are a huge trend in décor. They bring color and vibrancy to a room without you having to commit to redoing the entire room’s color or design palette.

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Be Bold!

Sometimes you want to paint the wall a bright color but you know that it will be too much if used on all four walls. That’s where the accent wall comes in. You can experiment with a brighter and bolder shade.

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Create Different Textures

Accent walls don’t only have to be about paint colors. You can make your accent wall a completely different texture to the rest of the walls in the space. For instance, with a wood or stone wall that adds a rustic and trendy feeling to the room.

The Living Wall Trend.

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Living Wall Adds a Natural Touch

One of the latest wall décor trends is that of the ‘living wall.’ This is also known as the ‘green wall’ and it refers to covering walls with plants. In our age of green living, the living wall is a great way to appreciate nature right from the comfort of your home. It could be a good idea to choose plants that require little or no water when designing a living wall.

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Smaller Living Walls are also Effective

This trend is a great way to fill a blank wall in a room but you don’t have to cover the entire wall. Smaller living walls can be easier to maintain while still providing a creative, green living atmosphere.

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