Five trends for 2012 that you should care

As the year begins with a bang, everybody is looking out for new ideas to set up the interiors of their new homes or remodel the existing interiors in a fresh and pleasant manner. If you were among the confused few wondering about the latest design trends for the current year, the following paragraphs would help you decide the design for your house.

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Rustic and reclaimed

With  “Save the Earth campaign’ going strong there is a lot of importance given to recycled and reclaimed material and interior designing using rustic wood  and  other reclaimed material is sure a happening design trend this year. There is furniture using recycled wood, which is gaining a lot of popularity these days. There is exclusive kitchen interiors made of such recycled materials, which are sturdy as well as trendy looking.

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With the designers using their creative bent of mind to best use the materials used for designing the interiors are not just restricted to use of recycled wood but also various other materials  like metals, plastics and fabrics. These interior designs are available to decorate all your rooms exclusively to give it that chic look. As a matter of fact these deigns are here to stay and more and more people are opting for this kind of rustic and reclaimed designs to deck up their interiors.

Low furniture

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With the seating arranged at a very low distance from the floor, say about seventeen to eighteen inches from the floor this kind of design is very chic looking yet very comfortable. Even the coffee tables and wall furnishings start almost from the ground level. This easy looking interiors are a huge hit with many people doing up their homes with this kind of trendy design.

Big artwork and especially photography

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Nowadays everybody is thinking big and that is shown visibly on the type of interiors preferred. The trend this year is adorning the walls with huge art frames or black and white photos occupying a major portion of the wall. This would provide the ideal backdrop for your dining or living area.

Natural eco fabrics

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With everybody talking about being, natural and realistic this year the furnishings are neat fabrics made out of cotton, linen, burlaps and hemps in simple soft colors. The light colors like beige, gray, off white give you that blustery and brisk feel making the entire place look as welcoming and warm as ever.

Taupe is the favorite color this year

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The grayish brown combination is here to stay this year too. This color gives that crisp and immaculate finish to any room. The color can be used in bed linen or furniture with the walls sporting a bright coat of yellow or blue. If you are not the one for bright colors the shade sinks equally well on its own into any wall. Designers have been using this shade from time immemorial and this shade of Taupe is sure here to stay for a long time to come!{pics source 1,2,3,4,and 5}