Five Top Tips For A Cool Media Room

Make your media room an extraordinary one by thinking about the overall design from the outset. For most of us a home theater, or a dedicated room where you can watch the sports on a large television, makes for a great bolt hole from the pressures of work life. However, media rooms tend to be put together in a piecemeal way with some equipment installed at the beginning and then added to, or upgraded, over time.

Home media room

Consider your screen, audio equipment, furnishings, décor and ambience with a single design ethos in mind for the best results. Themed media rooms work well and, even with modern technology making home theatres more affordable and better than ever, recreating the warm feel of traditional cinema is very much on trend right now. Even if most people tend to go for chairs that have a little more comfort than old-time movie theatres the trend shows no sign of slowing. Follow some simple tips to make the most of your home’s media room.

Darkened Theaters.

Brown seating for media room

Dark media room

Vintage theaters make for a fashionable and modern media room. There is something about the traditional look that makes for an inviting sort of space. Go for a darkened décor. Dark stained woods, brown and even some deep reds all work well for the décor’s color palette. Avoid a plainly painted white ceiling which will reflect the light emitted from your screen or projector. Wooden panelling for your walls will work well and provide some sound proofing. Install dimmable lighting so that you can easily change the mood of the room and bring the lights down once the movie starts.

Movie Magic.

Magic movie

Magic movie1

Your screen will dominate your media room when a film is showing and there is no problem with devoting an entire wall to the display. However, don’t neglect the other walls of your room, just because they don’t have screens, too. Hang some images of bygone movie stars or current ones, if you prefer. A few framed publicity posters from classic movies will create a sense of anticipation, especially if you have guests over to watch a blockbuster with you. If you really want to evoke the golden era of Hollywood, why not hang some plaques or artwork that relates to film going, like projection reels?

Living Room Media Centers.

Media room living

Hide fireplace

Not all of us have the number of rooms necessary to have a dedicated home movie theater. Nevertheless, a successful media room that shares the space with a living room is quite easy to create. Unlike a dedicated space, don’t be tempted to make your large screen television or projector the main feature of the room. Place your largest sofa so that it faces the screen, but don’t have all your seating in rows. Instead, set the chairs out so that they face each other, but so that they can be easily moved around once you want to use the room as a theater. If you have a projector, the best place to house it is suspended from the ceiling. It should be barely noticeable when the room is used for everyday living. If you have a large television install it in a cabinet with folding doors so you can shut it away when it is not in use.

Cinema Club.

Cinema club

Add an element or two that adds some fun to your media room. A drinks dispenser or a glass fronted refrigerator will work well at the back of a home movie theater. Why not recreate the look of a concession stand for a little kitchenette if you have space? Even if you don’t have lots of room fro extras, a popcorn dispenser will always make your room look like a theater and feel like the real thing.


Amazing cinema system

Amazing cinema audio system

Don’t just focus on the visual side of your media room – the screen and the décor. Consider how the audio will affect the room. Install carpet to keep the room acoustically damp and to provide some sound proofing. Figure out where your speaker cabinets will be sited before you organise your seating. You will want a bass woofer placed centrally with both near and far stereo speakers on each side. Recessing them in the walls is ideal but not possible in all homes. Ensure your audio control system is easily accessible with your remote control, but hide it away out of sight.

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