Five things you can clean using white vinegar

White vinegar can be very helpful when it comes to cleaning. It can be used for in numerous situations. You could probably find some expensive special product that could do the same thing but what’s the point when vinegar is just as good and you already have it in your pantry? Here are five thigns that can be easily cleaned with white vinegar.

1. Electronics.

Carpet cleaning

White vinegar is very good for cleaning your electronics. Just mix equal parts of vinegar and water and use a clean soft cloth. Use the wet cloth to clean the computer keyboard, the printer, fax machine, microwave, sandwich maker and anything else you have in your home. The vinegar with both disinfect and leave the electronics clean and shiny.

2. Rugs and carpets.

Carpet cleaning

Sometimes mildew can form on the rugs and carpets. But you can easily avoid that by simply spraying full strength vinegar on the backs of the rugs. This will keep the mildew from forming and the smell will quickly become unnoticeable.

3. Silver jewelry.

It’s a well-known fact that vinegar is good for cleaning silver jewelry. Simply mix half a cup of white vinegar with two table spoons of baking soda. Let your jewelry sit in the mix for about three hours and then rinse it with cold water. It will be sparkly and clean.

4. White rings on the furniture.

At some point, it’s inevitable to have water rings on the table. Even though you’re extra careful, your guests are probably not. The good news is that white vinegar is once again helpful. All you need to do is take a dry soft cloth and use equal amounts of olive oil and vinegar. You can then use another clean soft cloth to polish the area and your table will be like new again.

5. Smoky odors.

In case you burned the dinner or anything similar, white vinegar can help you get rid of the smell of smoke. Just place a dish with white vinegar in the room and it will absorb the smell in less than a day.