Five beautiful open kitchen interior designs

An open has both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, the lack of privacy can be a problem for some people. However, in the kitchen there’s really no need for that anyway. In fact, it can even be entertaining to watch someone cook. On the other hand, it gets easier with the storage. You can expand your storage area beyond the kitchen without changing the rest of the décor. Here are five beautiful examples of open kitchens that illustrate these advantages and many more.

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This kitchen basically occupies an entire wall. It shares and open plan with the living room and the two areas are pretty well defined. Notice how the thick exposed ceiling beams stop where the kitchen starts. The kitchen has a white ceiling and white walls and it’s like a bright spot for the whole room. The bar/kitchen island is also a partial room divider.

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In this case, there are no striking décor features that delimitate the kitchen from the living room. However, the kitchen island is a very good marker. It also serves as a bar and even a breakfast area. In this particular case, the open plan is advantageous for the kitchen because it solves the storage problems. Also, the whole room is much more spacious and airy this way than it would have been in the case of two separate rooms.

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This open kitchen and its living room have a continuous interior design and décor. The whole room features grey walls complemented by a white ceiling with lots of spotlights. The dark wooden floor brings contrast into the mix. The color palette for the whole space is composed of earthy tones and crisp white elements. The kitchen occupies the back of the room and integrates perfectly into the décor.

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This is a more traditional open kitchen. It shares the room with the dining area and the décor is a little more rustic than those seen until now. The most eye-catching detail is the angled ceiling and the exposed wooden beams that continues even in the kitchen area. It adds warmth to the whole room and it’s balanced by the crisp white walls and the wooden floor.

Modern chairs kitchen islandView in gallery

This is a mid-century modern kitchen and living area. It’s an open plan with a color palette kept throughout the room. Notice that the kitchen island has a finish that matches the fabric from the sofa. The cushions match the table and the seat of the chairs as well as the exposed wooden beams and the countertops match the frame of the storage unit from the kitchen.

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