Fitness Club in Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue club is situated at located at Bellevue, Washington; a suburb of Seattle. It serves as a fitness club as well as hotel. The expansion and renovation of this club is architected by Baylis Architects.  The expansion is done to extend the library and for extra space for fitness facilities.The design of the building was inspired by northwest Asian architecture, the remodeling attained by use of various elements. To meet the requirement slant roofs with huge overhangs and cedar siding are designed and given stucco finish.

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A horizontal mullion pattern window is also created to give gorgeous outlook also allow sunlight to fill the space.
This 3 stories 15000 sqft house is located in between a swimming pool in north and tennis court in south. A private Zen garden and Asian influenced topography increase the immediate environment. Natural light penetrate into all fitness studio. Apart from this diffused sunlight also enter through translucent walls.

A southern open atrium fetches natural beam to the heart of the volume via a three story curtain wall system.
The great challenge in this project was assimilating a new steel moment frame structure with the present concrete structure.  The changeover between modern and old required to take place with extensive openings while preserving a seismic joint and a 3-hour fire partition.

Apart from expansion, remodeling was done for Exercise studios. The Racquetball courts were transformed to multi-use rooms and offices.