First hotel in Dubai with rooms 10m under surface of the sea

This amazing hotel will be constructed in the Dubai.If I remember Dubai had announced another extravagant underwater hotel called Hydropolis, in 2006. The project was delayed for different reasons. This time the Deep Ocean Technology had design this wonderful hotel and I think it will become reality.The hotel is created from many discs and the first one is situated at the bottom of the sea. From here guests can admire the wonderful coral reef. If that isn’t enough what do you say about underwater tourist vehicles, a spa, garden areas, an above-water terrace and a helipad especially for the guests. The above water discs are mounted on three giant legs.

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What makes this hotel the best one I’ve ever seen is that the above water discs can be detached, in case of an emergency, and can be used as lifesaving vessels. Sounds amazing! This hotel is an eco friendly one because, explains Bogdan Gutkowski- President of the ‘Big InVEST Group’, it offers new opportunities for ecology and with this hotel constructed a new underwater ecosystem will be created in the surroundings.

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Have you seen the cartoon JETSONS? Well from my opinion this hotel is the exact sea level replica of the homes in the JETSONS. In the disk below water, the hotel has two person rooms that have an extraordinary view. It is a dream that will become reality.Dubaihas done it again! Stay sharp for the big opening and book a room for your pleasure.{found on Daily Mail }.