Fireplace and Woodstove Designs That Really Heat Things Up

As the days get shorter and the weather begins to cool off, we often find ourselves thinking about the colder days ahead and ways to stay warm. Nothing quite says warm and cozy like gathering around a wood-burning fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa. While the flickering light from the fire and deep, radiating warmth it creates send a relaxing ambiance throughout a space, fireplaces can make evoke a sense of ease even when not in use, creating a sense of home. And with many great fireplace designs, they often become a great focal point in a space.

Traditional living room fireplaceView in gallery
Traditional living room featuring a stone fireplace

This traditional fireplace serves as a great focal point in this traditional space. The warm colored stone veneer surrounding the hearth complements the woodwork and classic color combinations used in the design. Another design strategy employed to create focus on the fireplace is the furniture arrangement; by placing the furniture around the fire, rather than say the television, a cozy, inviting, seating area is created.

Modern fireplaceView in gallery
Modern fireplace and hardwood floor

This modern fireplace plays with three-dimensional shapes, taking advantage of the depth that is needed for the fire pit. It also features a naturally fireproof material: concrete. The heaviness of the concrete seems to float above the glass surround. While many people say that concrete is cold and uninviting, the use of it on this fireplace makes it seem warm and a place to gather.

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Clean-lined and minimalist style

Another great fireplaces that plays with geometry is this minimal tile fireplace. By using two types of tile which vary in color and size, this flatter fireplace surround still creates an attention grabbing feature.

Wood fireplace designView in gallery
Amazing wood storage for this fireplace

One issue that may come up because of a wood-burning fireplace is where to store the wood, which is used for fuel. Instead of seeing this as a problem, this minimal fireplace uses the wood storage as a feature. Rather than surrounding the fireplace in an attention grabbing finish, niches for wood storage are provided and create a unique fireplace surround. There are many ways that storage of the firewood can be incorporated into the design on a space, on the interior or exterior.

Beam room living roomView in gallery
Traditional living room full of art

This bold fireplace commands attention as it is centered in the space and rises to the tallest height of the ceiling. Again, the stone veneer complements the traditional wood used on the ceiling, floor, and throughout the space. Another commanding aspect of this fireplace is that it can be used from both sides – indoor and outdoor. Since is it double-sides, a view through the fireplace is created, further connecting the two spaces.

Outdoor fireplaceView in gallery
Beautiful autumn area with a outdoor fireplace

Since fireplaces tend to create a focal point, they are great additions to outdoor seating areas. This stone fireplace helps not only to create a focal point on the patio but also to divide the larger space of the entire outdoor area, creating an intimate area separate from the larger yard.

Traditional living room with rugView in gallery
Traditional living room featuring an oriental carpet

Much like traditional wood-burning fireplaces, woodstoves can also provide many of the same characteristics while offering a few advantages of their own. Woodstoves are said to maximize efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. The simplicity of this woodstove allows for other architectural features to stand out, such as the beautiful beams used on the ceiling, while still providing a radiating, warm atmosphere in the clean space.

White living roomView in gallery
Like BIG…over-sized lamp, sofa and fireplace.Clean style.
Modern fireplace design1View in gallery
Contemporary living room with cool bean bags
Fireplace tv aboveView in gallery
Family room with amazing wall, mantel and trim colors

Wood stoves come in a variety of styles – including different shapes and colors. With many great options, they can be just as aesthetically pleasing as a fireplace and can also become a unique focal point.

With so many great options and unique designs, staying inside on cold days never has to be boring!

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