Firefly Pendant Lamp

I love fireflies, especially when I see them at night. They look almost surreal and I find it incredible for these little insects to cast light around them. So I also love all the things that resemble fireflies, especially if this has to do with lighting. For example this nice firefly pendant light is perfect in your living room, as it is made of five different lamps that hang from the ceiling. They have small glass globes at the end of the black iron canopy and they look great. When you turn on the lights the little light bulbs look just like fireflies on the night sky.

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The designer is Mark Daniel of Slate Design and he thought this lamp would be perfect to have some adjustable black cords that will keep ot hanging from the ceiling, each light bulb at a different length. This way the lights will be dispersed and will look like a small flying group of fireflies. The visual impact is great and so is the price, as you can purchase this lamp now for about $199.