Firefly Glow Stool

All summer long people spend their evenings outdoors, on the terrace in the garden or in the patio, depending on what space they have available. But you don’t really want this place to be brightly lit because you do not perform any actions there that require too much light, but you prefer a discreet lighting that allows you the minimum amount of light to help you see the surroundings and not bump into things. This Firefly Glow Stool is perfect for this because it functions both as a comfortable stool and also as a LED lamp , casting light from the inside.

Fashion4home co  uk firefly glow stool was %C2%A3159 now%C2%A379

Fashion4home co  uk firefly glow stool was %C2%A3159 now%C2%A379View in gallery
This collection of stools called Firefly offers interesting stools in the shape of cubes that come in different colours LEDs. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and you can control the light by remote control with rechargeable batteries. When you do not use the lights the stools is white in colour, but you can remote control the colours of the LEDs to change and to use a timer and many other functions.

Fashion4home co  uk firefly glow stool was %C2%A3159 now%C2%A379You can also set the intensity of the light. The LEDs inside are very resistant ones and they last for 5000 hours . The stool is made of Polyethylene and you can purchase the item now for a special price of £89.00.