FIREBO-X from Schulte Design

The Schulte Firebo-x portable fireplace is a great piece for spaces of all shapes and sizes, whether “home’ is a small condo or a spacious single.

It reminds slightly of a laptop. Just like these small, handy computers, the hinged top can be flipped open to reveal its smart secret. Under the hood hides a polished glossy stainless steel burner kit, creating an economical, clean and highly romantic blazing fire – without any residuals.

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It’s like a portable fireplace. Of course, it’s nothing like the traditional fireplaces, the ones that used wood as combustible and that were way bigger. This one is a modern version of that, with a lot of changes. First, it’s smaller and it allows you to take it with you anywhere you go. So it’s also portable. Then, it’s economic and it doesn’t need wood, because it has a different system. And, of course, it’s easier to maintain because it leaves no residues. This is probably the best part. Nobody likes to clean up the ashes.

It’s made of stainless steel so it’s highly resilient and durable, but also a little heavy. Anyway, this kit is easy to use and maintain and it has the advantage of being small and portable. You can use it indoors, in case you want some extra light or heating source, or you just want to create a special atmosphere. But the best use for this kit is outdoors, where you can create a very romantic atmosphere.