Fire Station Inn Apartment in Adelaide, Australia

I have read about many unique hotels that opened their business in the most unusual places, like a house tree or an old airplane. And today I happened to find some intriguing photos with a fire truck inside a hotel room. As the photos were pretty intriguing I wanted to find out more about them and so I came to read about the Fire Station Inn in Adelaide, Australia. This small hotel is housed in an old fire station that was closed some time ago.

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Actually this is a wonderful idea and those who are thrilled of seeing what it’s like to live inside a fire station have the chance to do it. The apartment is very comfortable, of course, and you get all the conditions that are offered by other hotels, too. But you benefit from the presence of a monster fire truck right in front of your bed and also some other objects around, all of them colored in red and that used to belong to the old fire station.

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If you were one of those boys who said they would like to become a firefighter then do not miss to stay a night in this nice apartment at the Fire Station Inn. The room is surrounded by little details like a small red ladder or an old fireman’s cap on the coffee table, right next to a red mug with the word FIRE printed on.

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However, only one apartment is designed to look like that old fire station because all the rest are pretty normal looking. But somehow, I have the feeling that most people who get there will ask for this particular fire apartment to stay on.

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