Fire Kit Lamp by Skitch

I love camping and going into the woods, lighting fires and sleeping in tents. I like nature and everything connected with it and I would love to heat my house with wood fires. But I am afraid this is not possible nowadays in big cities because there are some standards you need to respect. Any way, being a nostalgic I tried to replace the pleasure of a real wood fire by finding something similar, but appropriate for a modern home in a big city. So I found this interesting Fire Kit Lamp by Skitch that I thought was exactly what I was looking for.


It looks like a miniature camp fire with little logs at the bottom and a stylized flame that is actually made of blown glass colored in dark orange. The basis – the little logs – is made of wood and inside there is a small light bulb. So you understand it will work when connected to a power supply. However, it is small, nice and delicate, spreading the light like a real fire and making the atmosphere in your house a bit warmer. You can buy it for about 120 EURO.