FIRE coffee table by Axel Schaefer

The coffee table and the fireplace are usually the stars and the focal points of a living room. They don’t have to feature striking designs. They are, in their essence, wonderful accessories that always stand out. So if someone wanted to impress even more, an interesting idea would be to combine the two pieces. It’s what German designer Axel Schaefer did when he created the FIRE coffee table.

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The FIRE coffee table has a quite transparent name. It’s a piece of furniture that combines a fireplace with a coffee table is a modern and minimalist way. The result is a very chic accessory that would stand out in any living room. The table is available in three different finishes: ebony high gloss, colored and natural stone. All three variants are very charming. This hybrid piece of furniture is very versatile and its design shows that in a very clear and transparent way.

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The design of the table is extremely simple. The goal was not to impress with the shape or with the little details but with the concept that was at the base of this unusual creation. Of course, as you can imagine, the fire is decorative. Fueled by ethanol, it has an aesthetic function and it’s meant to impress and nothing more. It’s a very nice and eye-catching detail that would turn the center of your living room into the focal point in a subtle and simple way. The FIRE coffee table is a chic accessory, wonderful for modern and contemporary spaces.

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Posted in Design And Concept on August 3, 2009

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