Finger lock Door Handle

Fingerprint locks are not anymore part of the future and comic books. They are being used today everywhere in the world; whether it’s a secure bank vault, a very well-guarded laptop, a C.I.A.  Secured chamber, fingerprint locks makes your job easier and gives a strong confidence feeling.  Until now, door locks that use a fingerprint were like the one in spy movies, with the scanner placed on the wall near the door. Grabit is also a door handle fitted with a fingerprint scanner; so far so good.

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The new interesting feature is that this new radical design focuses on ergonomics, and what more ergonomically viable place can be if not the one presented in this picture. Closing and opening a door fitted with a fingerprint scanner can be as fluid as closing or opening a door with a normal handle.  This is radical thinking and designer Donguk Seo made it happened. Just grab the handle and turn it, your fingerprint will be instantly recognized upon grabbing it and the lock immediately opens.

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However there is a down side to this Grabit door lock. It is a gadget and it will remain one at least for a few years. Traditional locks got better and better over the years and they are still very effective, keeping the burglars out.   Unless you’re the CIA or you have a very modern house I don’t see this as an immediate necessity.{found on yankodesign}.