Finding the perfect color scheme for your home is now easier thanks to the internet

People often say that you can find anything on the internet. That’s probably not completely true but what we’re certain about is that, when it comes to interior design and décor, there are lots of online tools that can help you. A computer is a life-saver in this case. It allows you to virtually experiment and to find the perfect color scheme without getting your hands dirty. Here are three websites that feature interior color schemes and that can be really helpful when you’re redecorating.

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1. The first one is CSS Drive. It’s a site that allows you to upload a personal photo and then generate a color scheme from it. A vast color scheme will be quickly developed from your photo and the colors will be grouped in light, medium and dark color schemes. It’s a great tool for situations when you don’t know exactly how to describe a certain color but you do have a sample on a shirt, a piece of fabric or anything else. You can just take a picture and this site will do the rest.

2. The second option is very similar to CSS Drive. It’s called Pictaculous and it works on the same principle. You upload a photo and a color scheme will be generated for you. The difference in this case is that Pictaculous will also suggest alternative color scheme ideas based on your photo.

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3. Then there’s ColourLovers, a site that allows you to create your own color palette and patterns. It also offers information about colors and color trends. You can also explore existing color schemes and then create your own. Pictaculous, the site describes earlier, offers suggestions for alternative color schemes and they come from ColousLovers.