Finding Hidden Bathroom Storage Under Your Open Vanity

One major reason why most bathrooms are always cluttered is because of the lack of storage space. In this case, it becomes necessary that the homeowner look out for those hidden storage within the bathroom, especially under the open vanity. Although it can be a big challenge since it is not everything you want in the open, especially your toiletries. In this case, there are certain options that would work for you, like the combined use of cabinets, drawers and open shelving system.Get inspiration from the ideas below; it is surely a good step towards maximizing space in your home.

under vanity open storage dark bathroom
Utilize shelves and drawers below your sink

Drawers/Open Shelves:

In order to make the most of your vanity, you can opt for the design that incorporates drawers and open shelving. This way, while the very personal items you don’t want in public glare goes into the drawers, your towels and other toiletries can be kept in the open shelves. If you choose to, you can add glass coverings to these open shelves to make it more functional – exhibiting the items there and also protecting them from dust and unauthorized usage. Remember not to cram the open shelves with unnecessary items.

under vanity open storage drawers
Creative storage areas under the sink

Under Vanity Lighting:

This is known to add more visual appeal to the already amazing vanity. With the light, apart from beautifying the furniture piece, it is also functional because you don’t have to grope for things under the drawers and cabinets. Add some drama to your bathroom by having this type of lighting installed under the vanity.

under vanity open storage lighting
Creative lighting below your vanity to add drama

Utilize every Space:

Unlike the conventional pedestal basins in the bathroom, you can make use of every space above and underneath your vanity unit. This means that you are able to make most of the floor space since you put items in the drawers and cabinets. For the open space, it does not waste since your towels, napkins and other little items can go in there.

under vanity open storage view
Utilize your favorite furniture for a new vanity with storage
under vanity open storage modern
Under sink storage utilizes hidden space

With the hidden storage under your open vanity, you no longer have to grapple with lack of storage space in your home. Incorporating both enclosed storage spaces and the open shelving option; you are able to store items without any hassles. It also plays a major role in enhancing the visual appeal of the interiors of your home, especially when you learn the art of carefully and attractively arranging items under the open vanity. So, while you hide some items that are not for public view, you can creatively display the rest in the open shelving, with or without glass panes.

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