Finding Hidden Space In Your Small Home Office

Living in a small space can be a challenge, . At the top of the list is finding hidden space that could be used meaningfully, especially if you chose to work from home. This means you need every available space in order to squeeze in an office for yourself. There is no need for you to fret over this because with the tips below, you will come to realize that you actually have hidden space in your home that could be fully and meaningfully utilized, especially when planning your home office.

small home office stairs
Find space for an office under your stairs

Under the stairs:

It may never have crossed your mind but you can actually use the space under your stairs for storage or home office. Most under the stairs space are large enough to contain a desk, compact chair, a PC and shelves. Depending on the position of your stairs, you might opt for perpendicular office arrangement or wall facing arrangement. You might even add a sliding glass door for more privacy and minimal distraction while working. You can store your office supplies and books on the shelves, which can be in-built.

small office minimal
Keep your home office inviting with minimal decor

Converting the attic into good use:

If you were planning to add an extension to your building for a home office, you can save a lot of money by converting the attic in your home office instead of the intended extension. Not only do you make good use of a space that has been wasting, you also boost the market value of your property. Yes, convert that attic and gain extra space in your home.

small home office shelves
Make use of your landing and attic space
small home office
Take advantage of small and unused areas

Top landing of stairs:

This particular spot makes another perfect place for a home office in a home where space is a great luxury. You can have customized shelves and racks built where you can keep office supplies and equipment. Heavy furnishing should be avoided so that the space does not become cramped.

Hidden corners:

You don’t need to have an extra room in your home before you can own a home office. If you have a free space in a corner of the living room, you can easily convert it into a home office. If there are younger children in the home, you can conceal the space with folding screen or sliding glass door to avoid damages to the office equipments, especially when you’re not using the office. With minimal furnishing, you can create an office space from a corner of the family room. All you need is just a portable chair and table and where possible, built-in shelves by the wall for office supplies.

small home office finishes
Create a home office in any room of your home

In every corner of our homes, there are hidden spaces that you might not have noticed. Right from under the stairs to the attic, top landing of the stairwell and corners of the living and family rooms, you are sure to get a space for your home office. Simply organizing the space with built-in shelving and portable desk and chair is all you need to have your own home office, even in the face of limited space.

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