Fincube: Sustainable Architecture Project

German company Studio Aisslinger came up with an interesting and sustainable architecture project dubbed the Fincube. The company built Fincube at an altitude of 1200 meters near Bozen, Italy. The target was to come up with a low energy consuming structure with a minimal CO2 footprint.

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The Fincube is as good as a small apartment with its 47 sq m area that mostly encompasses the living space. In general, the interior design is minimal and that is because this house can be dismantled and shifted to a different location at any given time yet, there are all modern amenities in this facility.

This is an unusual structure. The shape is interesting and original and the details are rather simple but they create a strong impact. The most interesting detail is the fact that the owner can just pack up its house and leave when he gets bored there, so he can choose a new location and the house will follow. This is something that most structures can’t do. It’s not the easiest process but it’s possible and it’s happening.

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However it’s a small apartment so I imagine that the interior design is not very sophisticated. In this case probably the best solution is to choose expandable pieces that save space and are also very functional. Overall it’s a very clever and interesting home design, with a characteristic that is very rare. It’s also a very good-looking structure, modern and impressive.