The Fin sectional sofa by Jehs&Laub

Fin is a very simple and very stylish sectional sofa. It was designed in 2012 by Jehs&Laub for MDF Italia and it has a contrasting but very stylish design. The combination of a thin frame with the large cushions is striking and it created an interesting image but it also has elements that, despite their contrasting styles, work very well together in this context.

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Fin is not a typical sofa. It doesn’t really have a standard design. It’s a very flexible and customizable system of sofas and sectionals that can be combined in various ways and can result in original creations. There are several elements that create a very nice balance: the thin frame and the large cushions, the geometrical and symmetrical base and the sofa and curved upholstery and also the rigidity of the frame and the cozyness of the sections. Fin is also a modular system that allows customization and this makes it versatile and easy to integrate in a variety of different decors.

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The frame of the sectional/sofa is crafted from 3 cm thick MD belted fiberboard wood with a metal framework. It can be powder in several different colors including matte white and anthracite gray. This is made via a special varnishing process that ensures better resistance. The frame serves as a platform and it can partially be used as a coffee table or display shelf. The upholstery is non-deformable variable density polyether and polyester wadding and the cushions have removable covers. The Fin unit is available in both fabric and leather upholstery.