Filigree Tree

Christmas is almost knocking at the door and everybody wants to have a Christmas tree inside. However, not all the people agree to the idea of cutting trees from the forest and bringing them into their homes and just wait for them to dry there. They do not want plastic trees either because they are so artificial and fake. But they still want to celebrate Christmas and keep on having this symbol into their homes every winter. So they prefer some unusual or less formal Christmas trees like this Filigree Tree. This original holiday tree is designed by Trine Find, a young Danish designer who just wanted something different, but still traditional.

F 24614The Filigree Tree is very simple in design and also very easy to assemble. You simply place the branches into the holes in the pole that takes the place of the tree trunk and attach all the decorations – colourful balls, jewels, tinsel or anything else you like. Every Filigree Tree is hand crafted and made of unfinished solid birch attached to the galvanized steel hardware. So if you want to keep your Christmas simple and nice, but also different, purchase this tree for the reduced rice of View in gallery