Fiammella decorative heater with vertical flame

Winter is here and to keep the chill at bay, we all need a nice heater. Designed and crafted in Belgium, this heater employs an atmospheric burner with a TYPE C, water-tight, combustion chamber that is completely isolated from the surrounding environment. Produced to run on Methane, the heater can be converted to GPL (G30/G31), by using the appropriate nozzle kit provided with the appliance. GPL conversion involves die cast and finned aluminum heat exchanger, allowing for elevated combustion.

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This beauty will make sure that you’ll be warm many cold winters to come. Why struggle during the winter, when temperatures are merciless, when you can sit comfortably in your home and feel warm and cozy thanks to this beautiful heater. Unlike most pieces of this type, this one is more than practical. It’s very safe and completely isolated and it has a modern and fresh look. This is it doesn’t have to look different and discordant with the rest of your furniture pieces.

Your décor doesn’t have to suffer. You can perfectly integrate this heater into your interior design without having to sacrifice anything. It’s actually a quite elegant structure. So in case you were worried it’s not going to fit in your home, this is not a problem anymore. So it’s a good-looking heater that will complement your home, but, more important than that, it will keep you warm and happy during the winter.