Few Grown-Up Ways to Decorate with Pink

The color pink is always associated with the little girls. However, the fact is that the color is much more than the lace and frills. The color pink is sophisticated, sexy and even cheery. You can introduce the color into different parts of your home and impart a unique distinct look.

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Use pink as surprise – Pink can be easily added to a space by painting a wall in the pink color. You may paint the wall of the foyer or dress an isolated wall to gain attention. This will add a touch of surprise to the space and make the décor intense and bold.

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Employ pink with purple hue – a rich shade of pink color such as orchid pink in high gloss finish works amazingly well in a seductive bedroom. An aromatic and opulence effect can easily be created with this.

Deep pink in the dining room – do you love entertaining guests. Then select deep pink color that has tints of raspberry and rose to dress the walls of your dining room. This shall impart a joyful feeling in the room.

Energize a space with pink – a backdrop in the living room or the family room can be painted in a fresh pink color. This shall bring in passion to the room and energize the space.

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Pink with undertones of red – Pink is literally a faded red tone. This color can be used in furnishings starting from sofa covers, curtains to mats. As faded red pink is a soft color, and thus imparts a sophisticated and mature look to a room.

Metallic pink – Blend pink with metallic hue such as gold and silver to create a unique contemporary shade. The metallic pink shade can create wonders if painted on the ceiling of the dining room or seating area.

Pink accessories – You can easily breathe in life to a dull and monotone room by decorating the room with pink accessories. Some examples are a pink lampshade, a pink wall clock or a pink flower vase.

Use pink as a neutral color – pink has a statement of its own, but it can also be used a neutral color. Light baby pink shade in dull tone can be used as a neutral shade in any room with any decorative scheme.