6 Awesome DIY Wreaths With Unusual Designs

Wreaths are fun and pretty easy to make and you can customize them in a lot of interesting ways. For instance, you can choose to use unusual materials, to give your wreath an odd shape or to decorate it with all sorts of themed ornaments. Check out the following ideas for some inspiration and always remember to put your own spin on the project.

Vintage ties wreathView in gallery

The idea of repurposing things and using them in new and unusual ways is a best option if you want your wreath to stand out and a perfect suggestion can be found on Abeautifulmess. The wreath featured here is decorated with a bunch of vintage ties. You can do something similar by mixing old ties with different colors and patterns on them.

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A fun idea is to have a wreath for every season. A spring wreath, for example, can be decorated with beautiful fresh flowers which you can periodically replace or which can be fake if you prefer a simplified version. Check out the spring wreath design featured on Artscrackers for some inspiration. All you need for this project is a twig wreath, some fabric flowers, a hot glue gun and some accent pieces such as butterflies or beads.

Colorful summer wreathView in gallery

A chic design for a colorful summer wreath can be found on Kleinworthco. Although the design is simple, the wreath is eye-catching. What’s special about this project is that there’s no glue gun required for it. All you need is some cream fabric (burlap works fine), some flowers which can also be made of fabric, ribbon and lots of twine.

Woven blanket wreathView in gallery

For an autumn and winter wreath the design ideas are pretty similar. The main idea is to give it a cozy look and this can be done by using specific types of fabric. For example, have a look at how you can repurpose a woven blanket to make a unique wreath. The project’s description can be found on Persialou. It’s really simple and you can reuse the wreath year after year.

Spring pom pom wreathView in gallery

Some wreaths have versatile designs that aren’t linked to any season, theme or event. A pom-pom wreath can fit this description. You can craft one using a few simple supplies. The main thing is a simple grapevine wreath. You can make colorful pom-poms out of yarn in assorted colors. A fun idea is to spray paint the wreath before you add the decorations. {found on sisterssuitcaseblog}.

Summer wreath Craft ProjectView in gallery

Simple wreaths decorated with flowers usually look beautiful all the time and can be used as decorations all year round. Check out thisdesignjournal for some great inspiration on how such a wreath could look like. This design is very simple and it shouldn’t take anyone more than a few minutes to put everything together.