Festiva Round Bath Rug

I am a merry person, so I like having beautiful things around me, colourful things that make you smile and make you feel happy when you see them. Even if I go to the bathroom, I still having a nice and beautifully designed rug in front of me, something that I like and enjoy watching, even for a short period of time every day. For example I like this Festiva Round Bath Rug very much because it is lively. It is the opposite of boring and it certainly draws your attention.

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First of all it is round and I love round bath rugs. Then it has a very interesting and attractive design and it is coloured in vivid shades of red, yellow and green, the perfect combination for a merry person. It has some interesting looking edges that seem to be made in the story of Alladin, in the Middle East where making carpets and rugs is a very old tradition.

This rug is hand tufted and entirely made of cotton, which is great for the bathroom, since cotton absorbs moisture very well unlike wool. However, it does have a spray latex backing that allows it to stay still even when it is water on the floor. This way the rug becomes slip resistant and does not move on the bathroom floor. You can now get this rug from Target for only $19.99.