Fermob 1900 Bench with Perforated Seat

The guys from Fermob are famous for designing and manufacturing really beautiful furniture for outdoors. Their collection called 1900 is a reminder of the years that were a valuable source of inspiration for the furniture in this collection. It reminds us of the turn of the twentieth century and the modern era had just begun and when there were still a lot of Romantic remainders in all the fields of activity. The bench with the number 2204 in this collection is a bench with a perforated seat and a beautiful design.

Fermob 1900 bench with perforated seat 2204The bench is graceful and elegant, made of hand forged iron and having many intricate details and adornments that make it so nice to look at. The design is French but the bench has spread all over the world, as it is so beautiful and perfect for any garden. It is specially made for outdoors and this is why it has the perforated seat: it lets rain fall through these tiny holes and leave the bench undamaged. Since it is meant to be used outdoors, the item had an anti-corrosion treatment and then a UV resistant powder coating which doesn’t fade in the sun. I has a three year guarantee and is available in 23 colours to choose from. You can have it now for $784.