Ferm Living Tree Trunk Vase

If you’re in the mood for something unusual and original, take a loom at this intriguing vase. It’s doesn’t look anything like the usual vases we see wherever we go. That’s because it’s shaped like a tree trunk. I personally find this design very interesting and original.

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The vase was designed by Trine Andersen and it’s inspired by Scandinavian nature. The vase is sculpted from an actual tree trunk. Also, in order to keep the wood safe and sound, there’s a removable ceramic cup inside. Since the vases are made from actual tree trunks, this also meant that each vase is unique and it varies in terms of color, shape and size. The designer uses alder wood to create the vase.

It’s a very interesting idea. Such an intriguing vase will definitely add personality to your décor. It’s an eye-catching item and it certainly does its job as a decorative piece. The approximate dimensions of this particular vase are 15cm. There are other sizes available as well. You can buy this unique vase for £39.95. And if you further want to decorate your home in the same tone, you can also opt for the Ferm Living Tree Trunk Tealight Holder, featuring a similar design. There are also other nature-inspired products you could find, like a tree trunk side table or a pebble coffee table.