Felt Pebbles

Interior design is very important for any home, but it is even more important for hotels and spas and other places where people come to relax and spend their free time. And if you want to obtain some very nice and pleasant environment, you must use home accessories that have only a decorative purpose. Felt pebbles are a very good example of such accessories. You can’t use them for anything practical, but they are really useful when it comes to interior design.

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These pebbles are made of felt, so they are pretty soft and nice to touch. You can use them if you want to decorate a room or a hall in natural features, for example a stylized corner of nature. These pebbles come in sets of nine, three of them being small, some other three in medium size and the rest in big size. This way they look just like in nature, where the pebbles do not have equal size. Even the colour of the wool felt covering the pebbles reminds you of natural pebbles or small stones, making them all the more realistic. The collection of nine such pebbles is sold for $36.