Feline-Friendly Modular Bookcase

Cats- maybe the most graceful and sensual companions of all. Of course, not everybody likes cats. There are cat persons and dog persons, probably also other types of persons, the terminology just doesn’t keep up with the dynamism of the world. If you’re a cat lover you’re going to love this piece of furniture. It’s a feline friendly bookcase that actually incorporates an attached stair system that allows the cats to walk or run up and down the furniture piece without any damage being done to the books stored within.

Cat friendly1

People like cats and cats like to ruin books. Now they can all “live together peacefully” thanks to this very ingenious design from Corentin Dombrecht. Now your feline friends can climb up the bookcase without fearing that you might get mad. They like doing that, so why not let them do it without feeling guilty?

The bookcase is structured in a way that keeps all your books safe and also allows the cats to cuddle between the shelves. This is one piece of furniture that satisfies both people and cats. The two races can finally cohabit without any problems.