Feeling Fruity?

This article focuses on decor which is good enough to eat – literally! What’s your favourite fruit? Does your mouth water for melon? Are you a sucker for strawberries? Do you go mad for mango? Whatever the answer is, don’t say it – display it! Take a look at some great fruit furnishings and accessories which can bring fun, colour and personality into your home!

Green Fruit Cushions.

Green pillows fruits

These cushions are great for any vintage inspired conservatory or kitchen. The red fabric brings the retro feel whilst green is actually considered one of the hottest interior colours of 2013. These cushions would look great placed on a window seat so you can show off the apple and pear detail. If you take a look online you will see a wealth of fruit inspired cushions; from contemporary takes to old school adaptions.Available for 35$.

Red Heart Plate with Blueberries.


There is so much to love about this piece of wall art. The vibrant mix of colours are electric. Wall art like this can turn any dull and boring space into one filled with energy and liveliness. The cracked detail on the yellow background brings a raw and vintage feel to the painting. It’s this feature which truly transform’s this Garry Gay piece into a five star creation.Available for 22$.

Floral Fabric Apples.

Original fabric floral apples

Original Floral Apples

The best home decoration pieces are those that are unique, these floral fabric apples certainly tick that box! They come in four different patterns, you can choose between; red floral, red paisley, green floral and green paisley. Contrasting green and red apples would look great as long as your room is not a spectrum of colours already – you don’t want to overdo it.Available for 11$.

Pears Pop Duvet Cover.

Beddding fruits

There is a great selection of fruit inspired duvet covers available online. From the more subtle creations to the vibrant designs. This Pears Pop Duvet Cover definitely falls into the latter. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you love retro designs and pops of colours then it is a must-have buy for you.Available for 200$.

Snow Apples.

Snow apple png

These snow apples play towards the current trend for minimalism beautifully. They are ultra modern and their hi-gloss shine provides the perfect finishing touch. These snow apples would definitely look great as a home office space decoration.Available for 50$.

Stawberry Picture.

Strawberry pics

It’s only right to finish off with the cutest home addition of the bunch. This Sweet Dimple creation has been made by using a selection of vintage paper, maps and stamps. Despite using vintage patterns, the simplistic design and clean cut of the graphics makes this a contemporary creation. Perfect for any kitchen or girl’s bedroom.Available for 114$.