Fay Andrada’s interior space

Fay Andrada’s interior space has an old look. In the same time the place feels cozy and the light enters the rooms very well. It is a perfectly good space for a designer. Fay Andrada is making jewelry that are very sophisticated and architectural. Next I will describe Andrada’s home.I will start with the kitchen. The light comes inside in the exact amount that it is needed.  The big windows are perfect for the kitchen because you can cook without getting bothered by the smell of food.

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The room’s life comes from the flowers that are almost everywhere. With the open shelves, you can see all the things that you need in a kitchen. The room looks more crowded. The wall above the stove has an old touch. It looks like it is unfinished and after that just limed all over with white. In the opposite side of the windows, in the kitchen, we are meeting a wooden wall that looks like a grill. Behind the grill is the table with the hard drinks, for the days you feel like taking a big break.

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The living room is a great space for chats and has a creative touch. It has a big bookcase, which is full of books. The wall behind the TV is from glass and has some artistic lines. The lights are mounted very oddly in this room. The neon lights are mounted on a rectangular ceiling. The home has a studio where Fay Andrada’s jewelry are exposed.{found on spartanjournal}.