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Faux Fireplace Mantel Ideas To Create A Cozy Retreat This Winter

Did you know that back in medieval times, the fireplace mantle was actually designed to catch the smoke coming from a fire grate? Throughout centuries, the mantle became more of a decorative piece and now comes with intricate designs and can reach the height of the ceiling. Across the decades, fireplace mantles have been the focal point of many rooms in many houses, with people getting the chance to showcase the beauty of their mantles with sculpted accents and ornamental details. Today, we’re going to talk a little more about mantels, with a specific focus on faux ones.

Benefits of a Faux Fireplace Mantel

Even if you don’t actually own or plan to install a fireplace, a faux fireplace mantel might still be an item to consider because it adds lots of personality to the room. You don’t always need a fireplace to make the room cozier, and if you put your imagination to good use, you can actually use the faux mantel to add a touch of style to your home. Not sure if a faux fireplace mantle is right for you? Then think about the following:

  • If you have an open wall in the living room and you want your couch and armchairs to face something else than the TV set, a faux fireplace mantel is a viable option. It makes the sitting space look cozier and creates a more intima atmosphere for you and your loved ones to gather round.
  • Faux mantles also grant you some storage space because they have really long shelves (some models even have shelves with adjustable lengths) and that means that you can take advantage of this space to place photos, trinkets, decorations, and whatever items you feel are worthy of being on such a majestic display.
  • Coming Christmas, there’s always a matter of where you’re going to put up the stockings. The fireplace has always been the favorite spot for that, and if you have a faux mantel, you don’t even need a fireplace per se. Just decorate this piece with your Christmas stocking, hanging lights, and other holiday-themed decoration items and you’re bound to create an area that draws attention and just spreads joy overall.
  • Faux fireplace mantles can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. You can purchase simple MDF pieces (which you can paint and stain by yourself and have them look just the way you want to) or go full extravaganza and buy large stone mantels with intricate designs which can cost thousands of dollars. Granted, you are going to have to take into account your existing house style and décor, as you can’t just throw a large Victorian faux mantel piece in the middle of a rustic cabin in the woods.

Top Faux Fireplace Mantels

The Williamsburg Fireplace Mantel Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

To kick off this list, we wanted to show you a superb fireplace mantel made from wood composite that combines birch, rubberwood, and poplar veneers. It is designed to complement your living room with its classic design and clear lines, serving as an eco-friendly choice for those willing to go through the assembly process. The shelf measures 64 inches in length and should provide more than enough space for storing photos, plants, ornaments, or whatever memorabilia your heart desires.

The Deauville Fireplace Mantel Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

Next up, we have a beautiful and intricate wood composite mantle which is made from poplar and birch veneer and has a shelf that supports a total weight capacity of 50 pounds. It is a hand-carved piece that’s available in a fruitwood or an unfinished version. Thanks to its Louis XV French Provincial styling, this faux fireplace mantel looks absolutely amazing. You can apply paint or stain to the unfinished version and have it match your existing décor.

The Alamo Fireplace Mantel Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

The Alamo fireplace mantel is made from wood composite such as poplar and birch veneers and it’s a truly beautiful piece that can be distinguished through elegance and fine lines. The mantel has a wall projection which is important for those of you that have marble, stone, or other types of walls that require the additional pocket. This faux fireplace mantel comes with its own hander board and it will require an Allen wrench and Phillips screwdriver to mount.

Newport Fireplace Mantel Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

This Newport fireplace mantel is the perfect example of how subtle lines and a clean construction can accentuate a certain spot in the house without having to turn to heavily-adorned pieces. Measuring 4′ 3” H x 5′ 5” W x 7” D, this faux fireplace mantel is made from MDF and comes with a 1/5-inch protection behind it. The fireplace opening measures 48” W x 40” H. All the installation hardware is included with the purchase.

Emory Adjustable Fireplace Mantel Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

Here we have yet another example of a simple white fireplace mantle made from MDF and which can be painted or stained to make it match your room setup. When expanded, this mantle measures 4′ 7” H x 6′ 8” W and it comes with a shelf length that’s fully adjustable from 48 to 80 inches. There are metal glides located on the back side of the shelf for easier horizontal adjustment. As with other mantels of its kind, this one also has that pocket located behind the piece so that you can easily attach it to different types of walls.

Princess Fireplace Mantel Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

The Princess mantel is a bit different in a sense that your purchase has more customizations options compared to the other products we’ve talked about above. You can choose between multiple colors options (like white, dark oak, light oak, and others), but you can also select the facing color or the size. Made from wood, this particular choice of a faux fireplace mantle comes with several different codes, so be really careful when you place your order.

Marshall Fireplace Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

The Marshall fireplace mantle is one more goodie that we had to add to the list. Made from MDF, this piece is available in two shelf length options, one measuring 72 inches, and the other one measuring 80 inches. The 72-inch shelf version of this product measures 4′ 6” H x 6′ W. It comes with the nuts and bolts required for assembly, which should be fairly easy. The hanger board in included and the hand-carved surface can be easily painted or stained because of its white color.

Mike Fireplace Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

If none of the white paintable fireplace mantles we showed you earlier were to your liking, take a look at the Mike faux mantle. Made from white MDF, this is yet another product that excels through its simplicity and can match a multitude of different room decors. The scribe set that’s included with your purchase will make it easier for you to adjust the height and width of the mantle. The overall measurements are 4′ 4 3/8” H x 5′ 4” W x 7 7/8” D, and the interior measures 3′ 6” H x 4′ W.

Chateau Louis Fireplace Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

If all the faux fireplace mantles you saw today were a little simple for your existing room décor, then it’s time to move onto a premium and more expensive piece, but also one that’s rich in details and won’t just fit into any type of room. This cast faux mantle comes in a beautiful ivory color and measures 4′ H x 5′ 2” W x 1′ 1” D and has a total weight of 560 pounds.

Designer Michael Angelo Fireplace Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

Made by the same manufacturer as the one above, this is another beautiful and intricate faux fireplace mantle with carvings that are worthy of being in an elegant room. Made from stone, this is a 221-pound stone fireplace with an interior that measures 2′ 10” H x 3′ 1” W. it comes with a clear coat seal that makes it easier to clean and three filler panels plus the required grout to set everything in place.

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

Mills Electric Fireplace Surround

The Mills fireplace surround is a little bit different compared to the other products we’ve seen today because it comes not just with a unique design (when compared to the other products on the list). It is basically a complete kit that includes an electrical fireplace and a mantle to top it off. It doesn’t require a vent system and it allows you to adjust the flame at three different intensity levels, with thermostatic control over the temperature. There is an integrated LCD so that you can see the current setting. The faux stone mantle is available in a gray and a tan finish.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons why a faux fireplace mantel might be suitable to your home. Even if you don’t own a fireplace, this item can add a certain ambiance to your house, turning it into a home. These products range from incredibly cheap to ridiculously expensive, everything depending mostly on the construction of the item. If this is a budget-oriented purchase, you can look into cheap mantels made from manufactured wood and you can spend more money on large ornamental mantels with carved details and imposing structure.