Fatboy Doggielounge

Pets are a very important part of our lives because they are true friends and they love us without asking for anything in return. There are a lot of people who have dogs in their homes and they need to have special furniture and special places for their pets. Today I am going to tell you a few things about dogs beds. This nice and comfortable Fatboy Doggielounge is perfect for your dog.

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This is not actually a sofa or a dog bed, but rather a “lounge”, a soft combination between a pillow and a mattress that allows your pet to spend some quality time inside your house when you watch TV in a rainy day. It looks more like a bean bag than a bed and is very appreciated by both dogs and their masters because they are comfortable and also easy to clean.

The cover of this product is made of durable nylon with protective coating which makes it stain and water resistant. It is filled with polystyrene beads so it is very comfortable and soft for your dog. It is coloured in many shades of merry colours and it has a white bone on the side as a logo and as a bonus for your dog. It is easy to clean when your pet makes it dirty and you only need lukewarm water and soap. It sells for $99.