Fascinating Nightclub in Barcelona

Elia Felices is the man who has designed the interiors of the fascinating nightclub – “La Cova Dance theatre”. The nightclub has been designed in inspiration from ice caverns, and it is very much evident in colors and forms used. A flowing space with different open areas has been created in order to allow visitors move around easily and interact with each other. The main eye catching feature of the nightclub is its lighting. Two amazing neo baroque lamps are hanged to illuminate the dance floor. The other source of light is the enormous vases that appear like huge rocks.

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That is a very colorful and bright club. Everything there is about color, the brighter the better. It this something that you like, than good for you. You’re going to love this place. But not everybody has the same image in mind when it comes to nightclubs. So some might prefer something more quiet and less aggressive in terms of colors.

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However, even if I don’t like this place at all, I have to admit that it’s an interesting approach. The chandeliers look very interesting. I like those. This seems like a very fun place and a nice location when you want to have some fun with your friends. It’s an interesting and original approach and the results are impressive. It’s a nice combination of colors and shapes.